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In a globally connected world, people are feeling more isolated than ever. Laying beneath the chaotic exterior of our busy lives exists a burning desire to connect, to learn, to understand and to belong. There is no more globally connecting element in our existence than that of sound and music. Regardless of what country you live in or the language you speak, sound and music form a common and connecting bond that can unite us, heal us, motivate and inspire us.

I have created Tonal Tribes as a place to connect with the global sounds of the world. Exploring world music, traditional and modern wisdom in the use, impact and benefits of the sound around us.

We are blessed to be surrounded by Acoustic Alchemists the world over who are working their magic to bring happiness, awareness, joy, health and connection to those they come in contact with. They bring their gifts in music, science, tradition and healing arts to make the world a better place, and Tonal Tribes is the place where we explore and celebrate them and the magic of their work.

Sound can heal, transform, connect, unite and break down cultural barriers that keep us separated. 'World Music' is a gateway to that crosses cultural boundaries. It celebrates beauty, challenges convention, fights for what is right and promotes what is good.

You may feel isolated in your home, your community, or even your country, but no matter where you are, or who you are, you can find your Tonal Tribe through sound and my hope is to help you in your discovery.

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