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Success or what?

Sep 25, 2017
Success or what? Hi folks, just a few words this time. When i was 12 I started to learn how to play guitar. Three years later it was time for the five string banjo, which the guy I bought it from taught me to play.  In 1970 I built myself a 9-string tin-can resonator guitar and I still use it now (!). I could never have thought that would be possible whe...
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Stani Steinbock, founder of the Ethno-prog group Kra in Finland/Sweden, nowadays writes music for the five-string kantele, the Finnish national instrument (which is also the national instrument of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) and even plays it. He also plays live, alone since 2012, and has recorded a CD together with a bunch of very competent musicians. Stani also plays the mandolin and sometimes even his once-main instrument, the guitar. He also plays medieval music in an ensemble called á Austrvega, just as a hobby.

(He chose "Micronesian" for a third influence just because there was no Indonesian, which has influenced him more.)
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