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The Luis D'Elias Ensemble
Influence: Latin American
Album Showcase - Press Release The Luis D’Elias Ensemble announce the release their debut album, Orígenes y Destinos   NEW YORK, May 16th, 2015 – The Luis D’Elias Ensemble announce the release of their debut album, Orígenes y Destinos (Origins and Destinations) , conceived as a journey through Venezuelan rhythms and traditions as perceived through the lens of contemporary music, jazz and rock . Recorded in Boston by a multicultural cast of musicians from all over the world and mixed in Caracas by the Latin Grammy award winning engineer, Darío Peñaloza , the album encompasses 10 original musical pieces which showcase the fusion of South American rhythms with jazz harmonies, rock energy and a through-composed narrative, generating a landscape of music featuring intricate patterns , soaring melodies and dynamic orchestrations that are bound to captivate the imagination of its audience.   The music of Orígenes y Destinos depicts composer Luis D’Elias’ vision for the evolution of joropo and merengue , staples of traditional Venezuelan rhythms. At the hands of a band where most of the members are not from Venezuela , the music captures a dimension that brings fresh air to traditional rhythms and fresh grooves to jazz and rock, thus weaving a soundscape bound together by the sheer musicality of the band.   With orchestrations that range from orchestral and acoustic instruments to electric guitars and keyboards as well as featuring traditional instruments from South America, the ensemble is provided with the intimacy of a small band and the colors of a full orchestra, allowing it to craft a unifying sound throughout the whole record that serves as the vehicle for the musical journey the album entails.   Featured on the recording are the talents of prodigious singers Marianella Rojas , from Venezuela and Lizje Sarria , from Colombia. Both renowned singers in their home countries lend their voices to bring to life the first single of the album, Onda (Wave) , and the homonymous track, Orígenes y Destinos . They serve as a bridge between tradition and pop; instruments and vocals; musicians and audience as they infuse their talents into the vast soundscape performed by The Luis D’Elias Ensemble.   more
The Luis D’Elias Ensemble was founded in Boston in 2012 and is conformed by Josh Plotner (saxophone), Evan Waaramaa (piano), P.J. Duffy (bass), Brendan Pajak (drums) and Luis D’Elias (guitar). Among other frequent collaborators are Stefano Melillo (violin), Marianella Rojas (vocals) and Aaron Gratzmiller (saxophone). The project was conceived as an outlet for original music that dra... more
Latin American
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