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Absolutely unforgettable!" -- Fanrealm

With headlining shows in Asia, Europe, Canada, and from New York to California, the American Rogues are taking on the worlds of Celtic, rock, roots, patriotic, world, military, Japanese, and classical music.

If the 78th Fraser Pipe Band sat down with Wolfstone, Afro Celt Sound System, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and the Waterboys, and then asked some friends from a symphony and a Japanese taiko group to join them, the resulting sound might resemble the American Rogues. For years, the performances of this American/Canadian group have electrified audiences on three continents. They have added to their ever-growing family of fans -- affectionately known as the Rogue Army -- at music festivals, theaters, Highland Games, military bases, renaissance festivals, clubs, weddings, memorial ceremonies, pubs, and corporate events -- anywhere that presents top-quality, high-energy music. This has even included airplay on TV and radio and shows at non-Celtic venues such as the World Music Festival in Quebec, Canada, where they kicked off the 6-day event to widespread acclaim in 2015 (they've played this festival 5 years in a row and counting). In 2017, they even became the "St. Paddy's Band" of Rogers radio stations nationwide when they recorded Celtic versions of contemporary songs for airplay. Their hard-won road successes have established them as artists with bona fide international acclaim. Renowned for their musical skill, quick wit, compelling storytelling, and engaging stage show, the American Rogues have mastered the art of creating an immediate connection with audiences who can't stay in their seats! They are equally known for their epic, multi-instrumental sound that crosses the musical landscape to include jigs, reels, hornpipes, ballads, originals, covers, soundtracks, patriotic and military music, Irish foot-stompers, and more. The American Rogues are fast becoming a household name with music lovers around the world, loved by young and old of all backgrounds.
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