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Thamires Tannous is a Brazilian singer and songwriter, based in São Paulo, Brazil. She hails originally from the state of Mato Grosso do Sul in the central area of Brazil, with borders to the Spanish-speaking countries Bolivia and Paraguay. Owner of a beautiful and profound voice, her style blends the musical heritage of her home state with contemporary Brazilian music, thus gaining artistic recognition all over the country. Thamires's music is on the rise all over Brazil, and she has already won prestigious awards like "Prêmio Grão de Música" in 2016. Her newest album, CANTO-CORRENTEZA, was produced by the Austrian guitarist based in Brazil, Michi Ruzitschka, and features a fine mixture of Afro-Brazilian percussion and acoustic instruments. The album features the singer Chico César, the cellist Vincent Segal, and the accordionist BB Kramer. Thamires has performed all around Brazil, as well as in Austria, Germany, Portugal, and France, where she studied for 6 months at Didier Lockwood's school of music CMDL (Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood). In 2014, Thamires released her first album, “Canto para Aldebarã,” which was produced by the renowned Brazilian artist Dante Ozzetti. The music pays homage to Thamires' Lebanese heritage and her family who settled in Brazil two generations ago, blended with contemporary Brazilian music, resulting in an exotic and unique musical trip.
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