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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: West European
Genres: basque, folk, songwriter
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Thierry Biscary is a basque songwriter completely self-taught. He's a performer in basque traditional music, world music and classical music sectors.
In 2006, he met Katia and Marielle Labèque pianists and began working on their Ravel Bolero project with basque instruments. Then, encouraged by his mentors, he created Kalakan trio in 2009. With this band, during 7 years, he worked with different kind of musicians, particularly from the world music (Oreka Tx, Dobet Gnahore), classical music (Freddy Eichelberger, Lachrimae Consort, Yves Rechsteiner, Montpellier National Orchestra, Gabriel Erkoreka, Spanish National Orchestra and Juanjo Mena), or pop music (Madonna).
In 2018, he started his solo carreer presenting his own songs in his first album Manez eta Kobreak with a singing brass band.
In 2019, he collaborated with the French singer Zaz. Then he went to the official selection of the Avignon festival singing in the show called Oskara of Kukai dance company.
In 2020, he published his second album called Muda (the moult) with a string trio and brass.