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September 2022 #14 - Top 40 for African Influence Ginya (track)
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About Suzan Kerunen:
- Ambassador of French Language and Tourism 2020
- Double Kora Award nominee 2008-2009
- National Official Tourism Ambassador – UTB 2010
- Best Folk Pop Artist PAM Awards 2010
- Torch Bearer West Nile Centenary 2014

Suzan Kerunen is a Ugandan world music singer who writes and performs African Contemporary music in the local Ugandan language of Alur (her mother tongue), as well as in English, Swahili, and other world languages. A Ugandan singer, who writes and performs African Contemporary music in local Ugandan languages of Alur-Jonam (her Luo mother tongue), Kiswahili, English, and other world languages. Suzan Kerunen started her career as a young girl with her two sisters in an all-girl group called Soul of Africa. She later went on to launch her solo career with her debut album "NIMEFIKA," a Kiswahili term meaning "I have arrived." As described in the press, "Suzan Kerunen is musically great and arguably one of the most respected world music artists in Uganda," the Daily Monitor Newspaper. "Nimefika," her maiden album, is made up of rich African sounds fused together to come up with what the artist describes as African Soul, though largely qualifying it as African contemporary music under the World music genre. With a mix of Njige, Agwara, and Ndara drums from her Alur-Jonam (Central Luo) people of Nebbi District in the West Nile sub-region of Northern Uganda, located on the north-western shores of Lake Albert, western banks of the River Nile, and bordering northeastern DRC. Kerunen's premier album "Nimefika" has earned her a double nomination with the Kora All African Music Awards (www.koraawards.org) in the Best East African and African Artist categories for 2008/09. "Ngom," the nominated song, is one of her Afro-pop singles which talks about judgment and stigmatization in African societies. Suzan's music and performances have earned her a great reputation in Uganda and, even more so, in the Diaspora with her recent Kora Award nod. "Kampala's new voice," The East African Newspaper.
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