Shiva In Exile
Influences: West European , African , Middle Eastern
Genres: world, gothic, tribal, new age
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SHIVA IN EXILE is a tribal/new age/gothic project started in 2003 by the German author and musician Stefan Hertrich. Releases: "Ethnic" (CD 2003) "Nour" (CD 2008) Unfortunately both albums are difficult to find or not available anymore due to constant problems with record companies. If you want to get these albums, simply download them for free in internet and share them - Stefan doesn't receive ANY money from official sales. Whenever new Shiva In Exile songs are written, you can find them on Stefan's YouTube channel: Stefan's websites: (official website of Shiva In Exile) (spiritual audio books - German only) (former Ethno/Metal project) Former projects Stefan was part of: Darkseed Betray My Secrets Sculpture SpiRitual