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Saoulis Ensemble
Rebetiko - Anestis Delias - The pain of the junkie   I would like to share something which created strong feelings in me. It really moved me... I was trying to play something on my bouzouki and suddenly I realized I was playing a melody quite known to me. I knew this melody. I was playing it decades ago. I looked up in youtube. I found a version of the song which was performed by Payoumtzis but the lyrics was not what I could... more


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Saoulis Ensemble
Saoulis Ensemble (09/05/17 07:46)
The album "Gorkem" is choosen to be the music of the month (for September 2017) by Roots World (Connecticut USA).Through September it will be broadcast on RootsWorldRadio (a weekly program of global music on the FM and online )Stay tuned for more info.
Saoulis Ensemble
Saoulis Ensemble (08/09/17 12:59)
Great review for the album "Gorkem" in Roots World"
For years I was rambling in Western Europe and I felt the need to hark back to what was fascinating me more: The music and the culture of the region I was born in and grown up. Rebetika, Greek traditional music, contemporary Greek composers and poets. During my attempt to find out more about the above-mentioned sources, a pathway to Anatolia was revealed. Therefore, I was harking for any soun... more
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