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Saoulis Ensemble
Influence: Mediterranean
Influence: Balkan , Mediterranean
Genre: pop, film score
Rebetiko - Anestis Delias - The pain of the junkie   I would like to share something which created strong feelings in me. It really moved me... I was trying to play something on my bouzouki and suddenly I realized I was playing a melody quite known to me. I knew this melody. I was playing it decades ago. I looked up in youtube. I found a version of the song which was performed by Payoumtzis but the lyrics was not what I could... more
For years I was rambling in Western Europe and I felt the need to hark back to what was fascinating me more: The music and the culture of the region I was born in and grown up. Rebetika, Greek traditional music, contemporary Greek composers and poets. During my attempt to find out more about the above-mentioned sources, a pathway to Anatolia was revealed. Therefore, I was harking for any soun... more
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