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About "Halleluiah - Orthodox Church Music"
New album formation Svetoglas „Molenie Gospodne“

„The sun is slowly fading away hiding behind the peaks. A light puff of the wind soothes the face. Slowly and lost in thoughts you climb up the stairs leading to the temple. The more you go the more peaceful and light your soul becomes. You step over the threshold and humbleness enfolds you. Silence… a whisper of a pray… and music! Magnificent music…” /The Bulgarian music critics about the project/
Without making claims to be an anthology, this album is an attempt for describing the musical picture of the liturgy in Bulgarian temples over the centuries. Ever since the Christianization of Bulgaria in IX-th century, people look for hope and confidence in God through a pray and songs. Even to this day the tradition stays alive and becomes stronger. In this hastened contemporary world the minutes of pray are more necessary and people more often look for it.
The project “The ancient hymns of the Bulgarian orthodoxy” represents church songs that were not recorded before. In search of music we leaned on the living oral tradition and on old collections and documents. And without making this sound pompous, we are in our full right to say that this is their world musical premier!
We made the records in the ancient Bulgarian orthodox temple of the Klisurski monastery “St. Cyril and St. Methodius”. This way by keeping the original acoustics the CD recreates the natural sound picture of the divine service.

Consistently and patiently “Svetoglas” enriches its quests with new horizons and challenges. This music can be heard everywhere, because its source is the divine inspiration…
Beauty and mystic, polyphonic sonority and touch to the roots of one of the most ancient musical cultures, the sounds of the past and their contemporary interpretation – this is the new time travel “Svetoglas” offers.
We wish you to enjoy the music!

publisher: Musica Riservata Greece