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About: Muserebende
About: Muserebende
Muserebende is a Ugandan roots, folk-pop, world music artist, and humanitarian.
Ssali Hytham Muserebende grew up in the adventurous landscape of Bugerere in Uganda’s district of Kayunga on the shores of the mythical River Ssezibwa.

Ssali has lived up to his childhood dream of becoming a world musician. As a child, he started music by gathering and beating toys to create instrumentation for the folk songs blended with lullabies. His talent has grown, having shared stages with some of the renowned bands and artists including the Netherlands-based Let's Go Banana, the London-based Galaxy, the legend General Difau, the legendary late Elly Wamala, late Carol Nakimera, Frank Mbalire, late Fred Masagazi, Deo Mukungu, etc.

With his passion for children, he runs the campaign "Heal the Pain of African Child" where he shares 30% from the sales of his music CD and DVD with the needy children under the Muserebende H Ssali Foundation in urban areas.

He has performed at a number of big concerts and art festivals and toured around. He follows a chain of African World Music artists recovering folk songs to flamboyant foreign and African fusion feel. Ssali plays various African percussion drums but is well experienced with the thumb piano, a commonly played musical instrument in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

His finely revamped vocal, blended together with blistering melodies and catchy experimentation of thumb piano, Tube Fiddle, variation of African drums backed up by Western keyboards, percussion, and bass kicks, make Ssali’s performances groovy and vibrantly marking his musical legacy.

Ssali’s music is rooted in his ancestral Ganda culture.

Ba-Afrique Sounds Band


Ba-Afrique Sounds is a Ugandan world music band formed in 2008 by Muserebende Hytham Ssali with a group of multi-talented musicians. After all the challenges I went through during the 2007 – 2008 European tour organized by the South London African Women Organisation (SLAWO) and Uganda AID Action Fund (UAAF) with the musicians, I was forced to form a band to be on the safe side and be more composed. Therefore, I teamed up with multi-talented musicians and formed Ba-Afrique Sounds Band with the aim of promoting our culture through music internationally and saving the African child.

Although Ba-Afrique Sounds is a musical group, it’s heavily inclined to improving the lives of deprived children and families. Through its campaign "Heal the Pain of African Child" in conjunction with the Little Tammy non-profit foundation, a number of projects aiding orphan children, sick, and needy families have been established.

All the band members commit their effort involved in underprivileged children's charity activities and other forms of volunteer assistance to the "Heal the Pain of African Child" campaign under the Little Tammy Foundation. The campaign today targets and serves a population of over 300 individuals, including children and adults. The group regularly involves charity shows to raise money for its humanitarian campaign for a better tomorrow.

Ba-Afrique Sounds has performed at the Bayimba International Music & Arts Festival twice, Zanzibar International Film Festival "ZIFF," Marahaba Swahili Music Festival in Tanzania and Burundi, UNCC Annual Arts & Cultural Festival, Laba Arts Festival twice, Pearl Rhythm Festival, Smwinda Festival in Toronto Canada organized by Vision Africana, Fête de la Musique organized by Alliance Française Kampala since, and we have also been part of a number of charitable causes to give a second chance of life to the less privileged children.
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