3 times in the Global Top 40
Influence: Middle Eastern , Jewish
About "Rhythms Of Tof Miriam"
“Rhythms of Tof Miriam” is the title track of Marla's debut album.

This song a homage to the Prophetess Miriam, who led the Israelites on their journey to freedom during the parting of the Red Sea. The title track is broken into two sections: The Pilgrimage and Freedom.

To reflect the long voyage, The Pilgrimage is composed of rhythms in a very long time-cycle (26-beat). It also features a “call-and-response” dialogue between the drums, interwoven with heartwarming melodies of the ney and oud, signaling hopeful communication.

The second section, Freedom, represents the pivotal moment when the Sea of Reeds parted, the Israelites were freed and Miriam played her frame drum (referred to then as the timbrel). Listeners are invited to revel in the present moment, celebrating life and purpose.

*Please also make sure to enjoy the music video that goes along with this track:

Ft. Yiar Dalal on Oud, Miera Siegal on Ney, and Marla Leigh on all percussion