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Juana Ghani
United States
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New CD \ Filled with songs of anarchy, drunkenness, hazy dreams, dark fantasies, and delusion sprinkled with isolated moments of hope and empowerment, “She Lost Her Head,” the newest album from Utah-based Gypsy punk band Juana Ghani , chronicles an enthusiastic and unwitting descent into madness. From the opening punk polka anthem “...

She Lost Her Head - pre-order

Mar 31, 2014
We are so excited that our CD "She Lost Her Head" is finally becoming a reality.  It is scheduled to be released in June!  The CD can be pre-ordered from our website at http://juanaghani.com to ensure that you are the first to have it.  Hooray!
Photo by: Juana Ghani
About: Shall We Live Forever
Photo by: Juana Ghani
About: Juana Ghani live
Photo by: Juana Ghani
About: Juana Ghani
Photo by: Juana Ghani
About: She Lost Her Head
Photo by: Juana Ghani
About: Juana Ghani
Photo by: Juana Ghani
About: Juana Ghani
Having become disenchanted with the way their world was moving through the slums of mediocrity, Juana Ghani broke all ties with everything safe and familiar and began to musically roam. Individually, they spent decades wandering the alleys and backstreets of rock-n-roll, blues, and musical theater, never really finding a place to call home. It wasn't until Gypsy feet met Minstrel soul that they found a place to belong.

It began as a pleasant diversion, a crossing of paths that led two strong, yet like-minded individuals to forge a bonding of their souls. As they joined together, blending past experiences with new directions, others joined the journey. Soon there was a parade of characters singing, dancing, and playing songs that inspire joyful celebration and evoke feelings of deepest desperation. There is a passion in their music that extends across time and distance and unites the hopes and dreams of people the world over.

Inspired by mountain breezes and worldly wanderings, the music of Juana Ghani embraces every aspect of the lives they lead. As songwriters, Juana is the voice and Ghani provides the music that allows her voice to fly. As performers, they are a group of musicians who just like to get together, eat some good food, drink a little ouzo, and make music.

With Juana Ghani, it is only ever about the music. It is music that touches souls and sets imaginations free.
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