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December 2023 #27 - Top 40 for Gypsy Influence Polyakova (track)
October 2023 #32 - Top 40 for Gypsy Influence Polyakova (track)
August 2023 #29 - Top 40 for Gypsy Influence Polyakova (track)
Photo by: Jonych
About: Jonych & Tsyoma Banda
Photo by: Jonych
About: No Bananas (Albums artwork)
Jonych & Tsypa Banda - a musical project that appeared on the western border of Ukraine in the village of Kvasy, Rakhiv district. Their music is as different and colorful as the people of Transcarpathia. An experienced music lover will be able to distinguish between the Balkan fanfares, the wedding polkas, Hutsul kolomyjkas, stubborn gypsy tunes, elements of klezmer music, and a city romance (chanson). This is if you disassemble music into components. And if you just talk about the mood, then all this inflammatory mix gives rise to unrestrained fun and unsightly dance. Jonych speaks of Tsypa Banda's music - "Our songs are essentially like toast - they decorate any feast and turn a simple drink into an event full of emotions and meanings. The events we usually play at are weddings and birthdays, but we can also play at funerals because people always need emotional discharge, and music helps in it as much as possible. If a person sings or dances from it, all the stress goes out and only strength and spirit remain." Last year, Tsypa Banda released their debut album, “Drink in Kvasy.” The listeners of the FM radio stations have liked such hits as “Car with Lithuanian Plates,” “There is no Banana,” “Friday,” and the beer anthem “Tsypa among Us.” The producer of the album was Myroslav Kuvaldin (frontman of The Vyo band and twin brother of the leader of Tsypa Banda - Jonych) - "When recording the album, we deliberately tried to recreate the aesthetics of the sound inherent in the modern Western Ukrainian wedding.
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