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James J Turner
United Kingdom
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8 times in the Global Top 40
February 2023 #35 - Global Top 40 Real Change (track)
January 2023 #22 - Global Top 40 Real Change (track)
December 2022 #1 - Global Top 40 Real Change (track)
5 times in the Global Top 40
2 times in the Global Top 40
1 time in the Global Top 40
Photo by: James J Turner
About: James J Turner portrait
Photo by: James J Turner
About: James J Turner
Photo by: James J Turner
About: James J Turner
Photo by: James J Turner
About: James J Turner
Photo by: James J Turner
About: James J Turner
Photo by: James J Turner
About: Spirit, Soul & a Handful of Mud, James J Turner, Album Cover
Liverpool's James J. Turner is one of the most unique and potent artists to emerge from the acoustic music scene in recent years. His previous studio albums (2012: "How Could We Be Wrong?" 2016: "Spirit, Soul & a Handful of Mud") stormed the acoustic music scene, receiving incredible critical acclaim across the UK and Europe, gaining him thousands of fans plus UK and European radio play, including regional and national BBC stations, and key live gigs including mainstream and pagan folk festivals. James follows a Druidic-Bardic path; he is a member of OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids), and his music is imbued with complex spiritual landscapes, plus a deep concern for the environment.

James's Arts Council England funded album "Future Meets the Past," which is being released in Summer 2023, was developed around the theme of the Bardic Druid who tries to reconnect people both to the natural world and the cultural and historical roots of our past. The new album features characteristic James J. Turner songs with strident lyrics, catchy melodies, anthemic choruses, and strong hooks; plus first-class musicianship from James (vocals/guitar/whistles/mandolin/shruti); fiddles from Neil McCartney (from Merry Hell), Amy Chalmers, and Chris Haigh; Etienne Girard (upright & electric bass), and Dave Ormsby (drums). The tracks were all recorded as organically as possible with the bass and drums playing live together.

Please see the website for bio, links to audio and video, & press reviews: www.jamesjturner.com

"James J. Turner is a superb talent, a strong mature musician, with a great sound." - Classic Rock Society Magazine

"An intriguing release, with some seriously great songs." - Julian Piper, ACOUSTIC Magazine

"A potent piece of folk rock. If justice was done, there really shouldn't be anyone that doesn't already know this man's work... hooks more infectious than a virulent virus... This music will get inside your brain and stay there... 'gut-level, earthy music you cannot ignore... consistently outstanding." - Tim Carroll, Folkwords

"Astonishingly good tunes... giving rein to his considerable talent... a glorious concoction of acoustic guitar, fiddle, and Turner's ever-powerful voice... a cracking record that in turn crackles with optimism and exuberance." - Pagan Dawn Magazine.

"A sentiment that is hard to argue with at the moment... It's often easy to dismiss songs that are a simple plea for change but not this time. The violin that swirls across the song keeps you in touch with the words, and by the end, you are nodding in agreement. If this is the sound of protest music in 2022, then that is good news." (For the 2022 single, Real Change) - Fatea Magazine
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