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Influences: East European , Jewish
Genres: worldbeat, folk, folk rock, ethnic music
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Photo by: Hrdza
About: Hrdza
Photo by: Hrdza
About: Hrdza - Neskrotený
The Slovakia-based band Hrdza have been on the worldbeat scene for almost 20 years. From their beginnings they have played their own distinctive compositions rooted in the Slovak traditional music, fusing east European folk elements with modern music influences. Hrdza are a powerful live act; strong vocals and catchy tunes evoke a favourable response from any kind of audience. They have released four studio albums: Muzička (2002), Pod božími oknami (2006), Hajnajnanyja (2009) and Neskrotený (2018).

Their latest release Neskrotený comprises of 11 original compositions mostly written by the band’s frontman, Slavomir Gibarti, and 3 adapted very little-known traditional songs with vocals in Slovak, Rusyn and Ukrainian. Apart from the band’s leader the tracks are sung by two female vocalists, Susanna Jara and Lucia Gibarti. The album combines strong East European folk tradition with modern music influences.