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Influence: East European
About "Neskrotený"
original composition performed by Hrdza
Written by Slavomír Gibarti
Lyrics by Slavomír Gibarti/Katarína Maliková
From Neskrotený, released 7 December 2018


I don’t need a wife
I’m doing just fine
No one drives me out of the pub
I don’t rust from water

A fickle mind
The soul of sailor
There’s no point in marriage
I am escaping it easily

Tell me, God, when I‘ll change
Why can’t the magic of one woman
Conquer my heart once and forever
So that I‘ll anchor in a firm place like everyone

They all long for me
And I love them all
But gossips all lie
on a bed of roses

I can’t settle down,
Calm down or be tamed
I don’t want your advice
Let my life get into extremes

Published by Hrdza
© 2018 Hrdza