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About "Neskrotený"
original composition performed by Hrdza
Written by Slavomír Gibarti
Lyrics by Slavomír Gibarti/Katarína Maliková
From Neskrotený, released 7 December 2018


I don’t need a wife
I’m doing just fine
No one drives me out of the pub
I don’t rust from water

A fickle mind
The soul of sailor
There’s no point in marriage
I am escaping it easily

Tell me, God, when I‘ll change
Why can’t the magic of one woman
Conquer my heart once and forever
So that I‘ll anchor in a firm place like everyone

They all long for me
And I love them all
But gossips all lie
on a bed of roses

I can’t settle down,
Calm down or be tamed
I don’t want your advice
Let my life get into extremes

Published by Hrdza
© 2018 Hrdza

The Slovakia-based band Hrdza have been on the worldbeat scene for almost 20 years. From their beginnings they have played their own distinctive compositions rooted in the Slovak traditional music, fusing east European folk elements with modern music influences. Hrdza are a powerful live act; strong vocals and catchy tunes evoke a favourable response from any kind of audience. They have release... more
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