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Influence: East European
About "Zábava"
Music & lyrics by Slavomír Gibarti
violin solo - traditional
From Neskrotený, released 7 December 2018

Dance Party

Now play something for us, so that we can enjoy ourselves
A man screams at the band, and the band is now worried
I can clearly see that he’s a bit drunk, but what if he is right?
We want to be real artists but he wants to have fun

Now a man like a mountain comes to him, was that what he wanted?
He’s lying under the stage and railing at his sorrows
Sorrow for the ones at the dance who can‘t have a good time
The band wants please the crowd but it doesn’t always happen

Everybody wants to have a good time, hey heya heya hop
Have fun, just get good news
Everybody wants to have a good time, hey heya heya hop
Forget about their worries, clear their heads

At home my mummy keeps telling me to settle down
You‘ll again come back from the dance sore and barefoot
I pay with my nose, pay with my eye, it isn‘t easy to avoid a fight
Because we‘re all for one and one for all

We have a custom here of carrying an axe with yourself
Once I get to the dance, I dance like mad
I stick a feather in my hat and then tilt it down
I‘ll sing along with my friends, have another pint of beer

May there be a lot of food and drinks
May every dance have a full table

Published by Hrdza
© 2018 Hrdza