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About "Štefan"
Rusyn traditional, arranged by Susanna Jara/Szymon Piotrowski
From Neskrotený, released 7 December 2018


I fell in love with Stephen
I fell in love just with him
Let me, mummy, marry him!

Heya, hoya, heya, heya, hoya
Let me marry, my mum!

When he looks at me I faint
How long I‘ve been waiting for him
I can’t say!

Because I have, dear mummy
Chosen just him
Because I couldn’t fall in love
With any other boys

Marry, girls, when boys propose to you
Let not bad tongues
Slander you in the village!

Published by Hrdza
© 2018 Hrdza

The Slovakia-based band Hrdza have been on the worldbeat scene for almost 20 years. From their beginnings they have played their own distinctive compositions rooted in the Slovak traditional music, fusing east European folk elements with modern music influences. Hrdza are a powerful live act; strong vocals and catchy tunes evoke a favourable response from any kind of audience. They have release... more
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