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Branko Isaković
Influences: Balkan , Mediterranean , West European
Genres: ambient, healing, relaxation, balkan ethno
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Photo by: Branko Isaković
About: Bass guitarist
Photo by: Branko Isaković
About: Portret
Photo by: Branko Isaković
About: With Bilja Krstic & Bistrik inTimsoara - Romania 2005
Photo by: Branko Isaković
About: With KAL in NY 2006
Photo by: Branko Isaković
Branko Isakovich, bass guitarist, producer, arranger and composer from Belgrade, Serbia. Has been in pop & rock music since 1977. ( Suncokret, Bulevar, Idoli, Kerber, Dejan Cukić & Spori Ritam Band, The Glissers, Texas Flood )
In mid-nineties his interests turn towards ambient, spiritual & Balkan ethno music. He played bass and produced Bilja Krstich & Bistrik Orchestra, Teodulia, KAL, Stupovi.
In 2005 he started his Divine Sound project, with ambition to reach and touch peoples hearts and to help connect with the endless within ourselves. He is currently working on his solo projects. The style he creates is called Balkan ambient beat.
His music, which calm the aura field and spiritually elevate, easily introduces the state of healing and relaxation.