Hijazz Project Istanbul
Influences: Middle Eastern , North American
Genres: ethnic jazz, fusion, root, world, sufi, jazz, turkish
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About: Hijazz project Istanbul
About: Hijazz project Istanbul
Hijazz Project is a melting pot of the top notch musicians in Turkey. It is a way to surrender their togetherness in the eclectic music they make hand in hand in spiritual collectivity representing the love of life and people motto of Mevlana Rumi and Sufism. The repertoire blended seamlessly with jazzin the foundation ranges from Turkish root music to W. A. Mozart, from Hasselman to J.S.Bach.

From the beginning, it has been our quest to attain a global synthesis of music, through aesthtic apperception, whilst at the same time bringing together the great cultures of East and West in an atmosphere of love and peace.

We believe in the famous fundamental motto of Sufi mysticism: “TheAbsolute Being is also Absolute Beauty”.

We have not hesitated to use the “ney – an Eastern instrument- which is related to the basoon in Mozart’s “Laudate Dominium “ (Psalms 117).We underlined the identification of the “ney” with the “breath”. This also complies with the understanding of Mevlana Rumi’s saying : “I am the breath of everything”. We hope we have achieved our aim ofcommunicating the Sufi view of the world:The sound (or rather the voice) of the ney-*basically a hollow stick – is the very breath itself, and to achieve this, we make use of a fusion of Otoman music, Classical Western music, etnic regional music, and jazz.

We visit the roots of our respective cultures, going back to the Otoman Empire era through the Works of Tamburi Büyük, Osman Efendi, Tamburi Cemil Bey, Nayi Osman Dede, and İsmail Dede Efendi.. W e also celebrate W.A. Mozart, A. Hasselsmans, J.S. Bach… We combine these old Turkish Art Music melodies and classical music with a modern jazz twist for a dinstinct flavor of the West. In some of the melodieswe introduce instruments or melody lines that intertwine theserespective styles to reflect a oneness in spirit.The content has a soul unity, consisting of elements as Turkish MusicModes, Jazz, Classical Western Music and the “essence” of Anatolia.

The project grew stronger by the participation of name musicians. A recent performance “Love of Mankind” took place in the Acheological Museum of Istanbul, with 15 Hijazz musicians along with a 20- piece choir and a 20-piıece string orchestra.

Available for all world music, jazz, sufi, traditional music festivals and concert halls worldwide. Number of musicians and traveling party changes depending on demand by the promoter. Direct from Istanbul, Turkey.

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