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Habib Koité
Influence: African
Genre: acoustic, malian, dogon
Influence: African
Genre: mali
Influence: African
Genre: malian, rap
Influence: African , West European
Genre: african, pop,
New Band and New Songs from Mali - Habib Koité concert @ Arte TV Dass der Sänger und Gitarrist  Habib Koite  aus Mali nur zwei Jahre nach seinem letzten Auftritt wieder beim Africa Festival zu Gast ist, hat einen guten Grund. Inzwischen hat er seine Band  Bamada  komplett umgebaut, was auf dem  aktuellen Album Soo  zu hören ist. Die Kora ist vers... more
CONTRE-JOUR - 20 YEARS ! ! - double concert with Kareyce Fotso @ Institut Français - 04/04/2014 CONTRE-JOUR - 20 YEARS ! DOUBLE CONCERT: HABIB KOITÉ and KAREYCE FOTSO After touring the US and Europe Habib is back in Bamako. And we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Contre-Jour with a double concert. Kareyce Fotso will perform songs of her new album 'Mokte" and Habib Koité is going to present his new album 'Soô' to his friends and fans in Bamako. more
Habib Koite, Soô - Full Tour Schedule: 01/31/2014, Fri Sebastopol, CA Sebastopol Community Centre 390 Morris Street Tix: $32-$27, Doors Open: 7:15 pm, Show: 8:00 pm Ph: 707.829.7067 02/01/2014, Sat San Francisco, CA Nourse Theatre 5 Hayes Street 02/03/2014, Mon Santa Cruz, CA Kuumbwa Jazz Center 20- 2 Cedar Street Tix: $33-$28, Doors Open: 6:00 pm & 8:30 pm, Show: 7:00 pm & 9:00 pm Ph: 831.427.2227 ... more
\ With all the turmoil that has hit Mali since singing guitar master Habib Koité's last recording, it is no wonder that his February 25, 2014 release, titled Soô (which translates to Home in English), was recorded in his own home. But the civil strife in Mali was not what drove the musician to do his first home recording. The real reason simply was-just like many other established m... more
While many African performers have chosen to try to conquer Europe and North America by incorporating western sounds into their music and others are striving to perpetuate traditional music in a much more rigorous way, Habib Koité has adopted his own highly individual style which is both infused with the traditions of his country and very much in tune with his times. During a career wh... more
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