A Platform for Ethnically and Culturally Inspired Music
Inheritors of an oral tradition, the master musicians of the Goussan Ensemble tell us a universal story dating back to the Middle Ages. The dialogue of their traditional instruments carries us away on an imaginary journey towards the magnificent landscapes of Armenia, dominated by the proud Mount Ararat. The musicians make us discover the repertoire of the Ashughs, troubadours at the court, as well as that of the Goussans, consisting of popular poetry.

The repertoire, rich and refined, is given value by the authenticity of the interpretation, which is gained thanks to ancient instruments such as the kamancha, the duduk, the tar, and the dap.

We hear desire and joy, some philosophical thoughts as well as satires on society, touching cries from exile or praises of the beloved homeland and its mountains.

The magic of a country, the nostalgia of a past, sometimes too much to bear.
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