Funmi Dominic Olaoye
Influences: African , West European
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3 times in the Global Top 40
June 2022 #33 - Global Top 40 I am Free (video)
May 2022 #9 - Global Top 40 I am Free (video)
April 2022 #4 - Global Top 40 I am Free (video)
3 times in the Global Top 40
Funmi Dominic Olaoye - I am Free
Born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa, Funmi Dominic Olaoye grew up with the knowledge that music gladdens her heart. Herlove for singing and lending a helping hand to people from a tender age of 8 naturally led to an ambition to become a great musician and a medical doctor.Despite not being taken serious by her father who is also a medical doctor in Lagos, Nigeria and family about her music ambitions while growing up, Funmi continued to study hard in school to earn good grades that will qualify her for medical school and on the side continued to develop her singing skills.After graduating from high school, Funmi submitted applications to Universities in Nigeria but due to the usual competitiveness and bureaucracies associated with getting admission into top tier universities to study Medicine in Nigeria, her much desired dream of studying Medicine eluded her for a couple of years. Eventually, Funmi got accepted into the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Nigeria to study Medicine and pursue one of her lifelong ambition and was inducted as a medical doctor in 2005.On the other hand, while waiting to be accepted into her choice University, Funmi did not relent in pursuing her music career. She cultivated the habit of singing regularly in the background as a backup vocalist, in her church choir, in studios or at concerts. On settling down as a freshman in University, she started singing professionally.Today, Funmi is a gospel singer, songwriter and a medical doctor with an extremely unique, irresistible and simply phenomenal voice. Her music is eclectic, blending African rhythm with elements of jazz, R&B and funk. Her debut audio album “ISE OLUWA” got her a nomination at the prestigious KORA Music Awards held in South Africa in 2003 as the “Most Promising Female Artiste in Africa”. ‘ISE OLUWA’ and other hit tracks such as ‘IFE ELEDUWA’ and ‘AFRICA’ warmed her into the heart of music lovers and it put the budding artiste in a class of her own for her voice prowess and creativity.Funmi has performed in various concerts in Nigeria, United States and Canada preaching the message of love, hope and peace through her music.

After practicing as a Family physician for 6 years in Nigeria, Funmi obtained a Masters in Public Health degree at the University of South Florida and she's currently based in Canada.