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Duncan Disorderly And The Scallywags
United Kingdom
Influences: Gypsy , Latin American , West European
Genres: latin, gypsy, ska, rumba, flamenco, swing, reggae, bluegrass, electro swing,
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About: First Gig In Italy
You've seen them at every festival. You might of even caught them playing naked. EVERYONE knows the Scallywags. Bringing pure happiness to the stage with each musician adding their touch. The festival spirit is in their roots!! Wherever they go the party follows!!

Playing Stomping, Gypsy, Rumba, Reggae, Swing with a Shiny African soul, heart felt harmonies, catchy melodies and a positive message. The Scallywags Keep you dancing from dusk until dawn.

This is World Music, Party Music, Adventure Music.

Goodtimes music!!!