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Photo by: Djatodocolor
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3D and World Music

Workshops and Music Show with 3D Technology

Description: These workshops and live music shows incorporate 3D technology. In the workshops, you will learn to design a motion capture suit and develop each reflective point on each joint manually. You will also learn to design a human actor in the 3D characters program. The workshops cover music production and mixing, as well as the composition and recording of instruments.

Concerning the show:
Music: Several musicians have recorded scenes playing over bases they produced, consisting of trumpet, percussion, vocals, and guitar.
Video: Traditional production mixed with new 3D video productions and live motion capture.
Public: The audience interacts in the process of animating 3D girders on their mobile phones by downloading the app designed for the show itself.
DJ: Mixtures of several recorded instruments with produced effects and EQ, accompanied by live motion capture.
Motion Capture: A suit with infrared LEDs on all joints of the human body, through a mocap program, brings to life 3D virtual human bodies that move to the beat of the music, involving musicians and live video in an interactive and cultural scene.

Purpose and Objectives:
The aim is to engage adults and children aged 5 and up in learning about music-related technology.

Physical Location and Territory:
The project will focus on a global level, whether technological resources are available or not.

- See more at: http://www.haciendamusik.com/artiste/dj-atodocolor/en/#sthash.BUA5qk9N.dpuf
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