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Photo by: DIKANDA
Photo by: DIKANDA
Photo by: DIKANDA
Photo by: DIKANDA
Photo by: DIKANDA
Photo by: DIKANDA
DIKANDA is a music band of international renown, playing "world music." They come from Szczecin, Poland. In their artistic work, DIKANDA promotes the authenticity of style – searching for new trends; therefore, most of their works are original compositions. They draw their musical inspiration from traditional folk sounds of the broadly defined Orient – from the Balkans, through Israel, Kurdistan, Belarus to India. Their works are dominated by Balkan and Gypsy influences. The band has been playing since 1997 and has recorded 7 albums so far, including a Live DVD recorded in the Witkacy Theatre in Zakopane. They have performed hundreds of concerts, mostly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but also in Russia, India, and the USA. They have won numerous awards – among others, in 2005, their album "Ushtijo" was awarded "The Disc of the Year" by the German magazine "Folker." DIKANDA's concerts are extremely emotional journeys through ethnic sounds, zestful meetings full of charisma, energy, and true feelings. What sets DIKANDA apart is creating new words in their lyrics, thus forming their genuine language - "dikandish." The most important element of their artistic work is the message – a special relation between the musicians and the audience.

Significant Performances and Awards:
• Polish Radio Festival of Folk Music "New Tradition" 1999 – I prize
• Eurofolk Festival 1999 – I Prize
• Montreux Jazz Festival – Montreux 2001
• Polish Song Festival – Opole 2001, 2002
• Sziget Festival – Budapest 2003
• Folk Phonogram of the Year – III Prize for the album "Jakhana Jakhana" 2002
• Folkherbstfestival, Plauen 2004 – I Prize and Audience Award
• Performance in Agnieszka Osiecka Studio in Polish Radio 2008
• 17th Woodstock (Station) Festival, Kostrzyn, Poland, 2011

• Muzyka czterech stron wschodu (2000)
• Jakhana Jakhana (2002)
• Usztijo (2004)
• Ajotoro (2008)
• Live (2010)
• DIKANDA Live in Zakopane (2013)
• Rassi (2013)

Band members:

Anna Witczak-Czerniawska - singing, accordion

Andrzej Jarząbek Fiś - violin, singing

Katarzyna Bogusz - singing

Daniel Kaczmarczyk - percussion

Piotr Rejdak - guitar

Grzegorz Kolbrecki - double bass

Szymon Bobrowski - trumpet
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