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Photo by: Christine Rose
About: Your Heart is Love
Christine Rose is an award-winning songwriter and recording artist based in the stunning Provence area of Southern France. Her music has a distinct commercial edge and explores a range of genres from Electro to Pop via R&B. But whatever the style, her unique, soulful voice and uplifting lyrics are unmistakable. Her music is enjoyed by listeners around the world and has been recognized by several independent music awards in the UK and US.

Young Christine

Christine's passion for music started at a very young age, and she wrote her very first song when she was just 11 years old. At school, she even put on mini shows on a makeshift stage set up in the playground, to the delight of her friends. From the still young age of 14, she began stepping out onto a real stage with an amateur band she started with her sister and brothers, playing chart hits at festivals and parties.

The Jazz Years

Over time, Christine started to branch out in a new musical direction, touring extensively as a singer in several jazz bands. This experience enabled her to develop considerably as a vocalist while gaining valuable experience as a touring artist. It was during this time that she had one of the most memorable experiences of her career to date, when one evening at an open-air concert as she came to the end of a song, she looked down from the stage and saw the legendary Nina Simone applauding her from the audience.

During this period, Christine continued to expand her horizons, working as a voice coach, running workshops, and putting on shows with her young pupils. She also created four musicals, which were all performed in front of live audiences.

The Emergence of Christine Rose

Although she enjoyed this increasingly diverse career path, Christine began to feel more and more the need to sing her own songs, a real desire to exist fully as an artist in control of her own work. She had a burning desire to express herself not simply as a singer of other people's words and melodies but to create her own musical world with its own sounds, dreams, and vision.

Thus, Christine became Christine Rose, and a new career opened in front of her. Once she had made this decision, her head became filled with words and music, and after just a few months she had enough completed songs to release her first album 'Dreams' in 2012 on her own label, AMS Records. She continued to write and record material through 2013, and at the end of the year, her second album 'All Colors' appeared. A definite step forward from her first album, 'All Colors' is a diverse collection of songs with themes ranging from the deeply personal to the realms of fantasy and dance. The title track with its infectious Latin rhythms reflects Christine's passion for diversity and justice, which are at the core of her values.

Christine Rose creates music that possesses a genuine warmth and humanity, sung with a voice that is exceptionally rich, full of nuance and color.


In 2013, her work was recompensed with the following awards:
· X-Poze-ing Music Awards in Chicago for 'I Wanna Sing Your Praise', 'Dark Night and Stronger'
· Akademia Music Award in Beverly Hills with the song 'Dancing All The Night'
· Semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest for 'I Wanna Sing Your Praise'.
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