January 01/13/23, 2023
\ "Destiny Road" means a lot to Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions. Written in 1996, "Destiny Road" is about a wildy vivid dream that frontman Gary Dranow had where he could see himself in a dream state on Emerald colored hills far away. Also in the dream he met a world traveler and they fell in love.

Upon awaking, he wrote it down and "Destiny Road" was born, but never released it. The song, from the band's debut album 'Destiny Road' was put to the side after the band experienced several personal difficulties and problems. But now, the band is back and ready to share this truly magnificent rock single.

"Destiny Road" is about destiny. After Gary wrote the song, he moved from California to Park City, Utah in 1998. In 2003, one of his ski racing students had a very bad crash and he was first on the scene to triage her injuries. Over a short time we developed feelings for each other. Shortly after that, Gary had his own accident in which he fractured his neck and had a concussion. He went into surgery to fuse his vertebrae together and when he woke up, his current wife was by his side.

They got married, but a funny thing happened. "It turns out that as a child up until she moved to Utah to attend college she, with her parents, traveled all over the world. She lived in Saudi Arabia from around 7 years old until she would attend Prep-school in the US," shares Gary. "So there was my world traveler and true to my dream she was and is the love of my life. The dream: every bit of it came to be."

The overall message rings throughout the song, that your own destiny is right around the corner. Everything happens for a reason.

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/track/78sHlhBAyJzMNqUIIv2GTd?si=147816fba58b4c76