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For a few years, Ahkorda has been working in the trad/folk music scene, aiming to preserve the richness of traditional songs and dances. Through a wide collection of themes and traditional dances, to which they introduce new arrangements and sonorities, they try to share and transport their music to all corners of the world."

From three friends who joined in a life adventure, Ahkorda was born. A musical group with roots in the center of Portugal, they play a little of everything, doing justice to the cultural patchwork in which they grew and evolved musically. With David Carvalhão (Voice, Bouzouki), Rafael Gomes (Bisonor Chromatic Accordion), Samuel Louro (Percussions), joined by Patrick Ferreira (Clarinet) and Daniel Pereira (Contrabass), their music is marked by the reinterpretation of tradition, a modern approach to traditional Portuguese and world music that, through each one's sensibilities, touches both sweetness and violence through instruments that talk, learn, and construct new stories and dances. A project that reflects the connection to the land, the tradition, the search, and the constant encounter of a cultural entity. A concert where the sharing of ideas and emotions will walk together with the interchange between traditions, cultures, and generations. A moment where tradition and innovation cross paths, through harmonies and dance steps!
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