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Genre: afro world, world, afro beat, alternative, afro soul, afro funk, afrojazz
The anticipated showcase of Afroworld music from Ghana, begins today. Agorsor Band, presents a live recorded video that features a spirited performance led by Nyornuwofia Agorsor. The Band unveiled the “8 weeks of Agorsor” project, days ago. The project will see the band, who have received impressive press coverage, release live videos for various songs off their debut album. The first week begins with a release of “2 minutes”. You can see the video exclusively, below.   more
Agorsor Band set to release live music videos, after great reception in Nigeria. Many people are of the notion, that good music travels. This notion has proven to be reality for the Agorsor Band, led by Nyorwunofia Agorsor who have received a warm reception since the release of critically acclaimed Hugadem album. With media rounds for the album leading Agorsor band to wide audiences on Joy News and other news and entertainment platforms, the lead vocalist has remained resilient in creating environmental awareness. Beyond interviews, awareness is also raised through songs on the album; making the album a Pan-African music journal. Agorsor seems to have infected the airwaves with these messages preached on their album. With Beat FM playing “I Do Not Know”, on Abuja’s busiest morning show, it is easy to say that Nigerians political class have come to terms with the messages of Agorsor’s album. The live music band has also received airplay from Kiss FM in Lagos and Kasapa FM in Accra. This, as described by the members of Agorsor Band, is encouragement to reach more corners with art, music and awareness. “Music is a way to create change and if our music is being accepted, it is a sign that we’re making our change. But we must not stop”, Nyorwunofia said. The band said in an exclusive discussion, that it is set to release visuals to put the music even further. “We want to serve audiences across the world, live music in every form. We’ve recently completed production for our live music videos and will be announcing to the media, when they are ready for consumption”, a member of the band explained. more
Agorsor Band Reveals Mysteries Of The Shrine And More A look into Agorsor Band, reveals the mysteries of the shrine, art and the need to keep our environment safe. Agorsor Band, Led by Nyornuwofia Agorsor featured a month ago, on Joy News TV. The news feature took a long look at art, music and our world through the eyes of the socio-conscious band. Watch Nyornuwofia Agorsor, speak to Mzgee on Music, art and the shrine. The feature was broadcast across 26 African countries. The bands views have remained consistent, as they interact with the press, in the quest to promote their debut body of work, HUGADEM. Also speaking on the album which has racked impressive digital streams and is set to be released in vinyl, during a conversation with ENews TV that spanned many topics, the band, shared their music and views, that represents a classic Pan-African utopia. By Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh more
HUGADEM: Reviewing Nature, Sounds and Colors all Embedded in Music Sitting behind a desk on a cool Sunday evening,  it became extremely important to begin this review as close to perfect, as I could.  I had met with Kofi and Nyornuwofia Agorsor a few hours ago, at their home in Accra. Despite the time spent at the space which could be best described, as an art hub; dripping with coloured canvases, chipped wood and important conversations, I was now meeting them, through the idea of their music and the effort of their production. HUGADEM means THE ABSOLUTE IS MARRIED TO ME . On the 8 track HUGADEM album,  released quietly on music trading platforms in December 2018 under AGORSOR RECORDS, the AGORSOR BAND brings to your ears the true spirit of Afro World Music.  Taking pieces of where they come from, fusing these pieces on a clean line of live instruments and delivering a series of stories that are told with the voice of Nyornuwofia. One will be quick to judge the album, composed by Kofi and Nyornuwofia Agorsor,  and it’s content, as “Traditional Music”, considering it’s instrumentalization and natural breeze of the African countryside that one walks through, as he/she begins to get lost in the nature of the music. However, my interaction with Kofi and Nyornuwofia earlier equipped me with the insight to properly identify the music.  With members of the band like Kofi Agorsor, Emmanuel “Chico” Napour,  Julius Quaye and Dzimesah “Yoga” Boku providing the spirit of Nyornuwofia’s vocal storytelling with the souls of the Xylophone, Conga, Gome, Flute and Gonje, a full body of art is created and the air of composition presents different identities, that bring an individual face, sound and mannerism to each track. From the first track, the instruments and vocals appear like a typical African family, where it’s a taboo for parents to show favouritism to any ward; carefully carrying the responsibility for each child  to maintain his/her individual identity and stand in the spotlight at the most appropriate time, while remembering to give way for the next sibling soon enough.  On “Am not talking to you” for instance, the flute stands alone for a while, as it brings peace to a defiantly told story. Giving the spotlight to this particular instrument provides an oasis on this eight-minute opener to an eight-track album. This is then lifted by injecting the xylophone and percussions to create the right curve- an intersection that gives enough room to ponder on what has been sung by Nyornuwofia and prepare for what is to be said next. The Xylophone sounds like the eldest member of this family, for most of the album. On tracks like “HUGADEM” it is heard setting the tone for the song’s melodic pattern before the vocalist infuses her story.  The percussions are middle children that help diversify the sound on each track; always composed differently, like a painter’s attempt to create dapple images with the same colour pallets. This may be a silent way of telling us that the Agorsor band and its debut album was born on a foundation of visual art.  The penchant to create and recreate different emotions, stories and images with the same basic composites is awoken throughout the album. This begins to sound like a walk through any of the AGORSOR exhibitions, like the recent one at Brazil House during the 2018 Chale Wote Street Art Festival. The lack of hurry is also felt, as lyrics are spaced out long enough for you to ruminate their value and instruments run long enough for the listener to catch the soul.  This leaves us with long tracks, in a world where most musicians limit themselves to three minutes and a few seconds.  The AGORSOR band brings to life, the belief that music must take you on a journey, which characteristically takes time and must not be rushed. The track titles On HUGADEM are also consistent with whole sentences. “I do not know what they need”, “Why do we give away”, “Just a little sleep” and other titles, carry on the ideology that nothing on this project is a  rush. The band gives you a foresight of the stories to be told, yet still manages to surprise you with the manner in which they are told. On the album, Nyornuwofia provides a voice for the different tribes of  Africa, as she tells their stories in a beautiful Kaleidoscope of languages. This to the untrained ear usually comes out as one language. On “No More” which is a few seconds shy of six minutes, the vocalist unifies the languages of the GAs, Ewes, Ashantis, and other tribes in her story. This creates the seemingly complete spirit of her motherland, as the different languages come together like varied shades of paint to create a pied beautiful, as she sings about the gloomy history and effects of colonization. As the song fades away, we experience four other stories, they are ushered into “Seventeen Days” by the xylophone. By the sixtieth second of this track, we all eagerly join Nyornuwofia under the baobab tree. We are now hungry to find out why she has been instructed to stay put for seventeen days.  This eagerness is quickly transformed to excitement, as Nyornuwofia’s vocal modulation and the live instruments come together to quickly lift your countenance.  The natural feel beneath the baobab tree enters you, as you begin to sway gently. The AGORSOR band are the gentle midnight breeze that has now transformed you to a branch on this tree, before quickly sending you on another journey. On “Two Minutes” the band weighs the human conundrum of repeatedly falling in the same trouble.  Now the listener joins Nyornuwofia, as an observant little girl. The purity of her voice carries the story as she meekly questions why we repeat mistakes.  The track is prepared in a manner that encourages self-evaluation.  By the end of this particular journey, I was left wondering why I find myself repeating mistakes -a flaw I had just noticed after the AGORSORs pointed me in the direction. One track takes six and a half minutes to ask the question, “Why do we give away”. It’s hard to tell if this and other tracks like it on the album are an act of passive resistance or active resistance. The strong messages and colourful instrumentalisation, help create this conundrum. However isolating the lyrics, it is clear that the vocalist is unhappy about colonization, our attitude to it and the mentality that it came with. This mood has been set, by her dissatisfaction with the African school system. Which in her observation, breeds servitude. Even though she speaks English (The language that we inherited with colonialism) she avoids trying to sound UnAfrican; retaining her thick West African accent and constantly reminding us where she hails from, by bellowing the local languages that existed long before the first slave ship reached our shores. Listen to the album HERE by  Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh more
Agorsor Records is an independent record label that celebrates the vivid sounds and stories of funk, soul, jazz, Afro-pop/Afro-beat and other contemporary African music. With deep roots in Ghana, the label was founded in 2018 by songwriter, composer/arranger, singer, dancer, painter and multi-instrumentalist Nyornuwofia  Agorsor who creates music in their recording studio in the heart of ... more
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