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August 08/04/19, 2019
Agorsor Band set to release live music videos, after great reception in Nigeria.

Many people are of the notion, that good music travels. This notion has proven to be reality for the Agorsor Band, led by Nyorwunofia Agorsor who have received a warm reception since the release of critically acclaimed Hugadem album.

With media rounds for the album leading Agorsor band to wide audiences on Joy News and other news and entertainment platforms, the lead vocalist has remained resilient in creating environmental awareness. Beyond interviews, awareness is also raised through songs on the album; making the album a Pan-African music journal.

Agorsor seems to have infected the airwaves with these messages preached on their album. With Beat FM playing “I Do Not Know”, on Abuja’s busiest morning show, it is easy to say that Nigerians political class have come to terms with the messages of Agorsor’s album. The live music band has also received airplay from Kiss FM in Lagos and Kasapa FM in Accra.

This, as described by the members of Agorsor Band, is encouragement to reach more corners with art, music and awareness. “Music is a way to create change and if our music is being accepted, it is a sign that we’re making our change. But we must not stop”, Nyorwunofia said.

The band said in an exclusive discussion, that it is set to release visuals to put the music even further. “We want to serve audiences across the world, live music in every form. We’ve recently completed production for our live music videos and will be announcing to the media, when they are ready for consumption”, a member of the band explained.


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Agorsor Records is an independent record label that celebrates the vivid sounds and stories of funk, soul, jazz, Afro-pop/Afro-beat and other contemporary African music. With deep roots in Ghana, the label was founded in 2018 by songwriter, composer/arranger, singer, dancer, painter and multi-instrumentalist Nyornuwofia  Agorsor who creates music in their recording studio in the heart of ... more
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