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Zydeco Revelators
United States
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Holy crap! How did authentic Cajun sounds sprout up in Jersey City? It's a question for the ages, and it's due to the enduring magic and danceable power of Louisiana culture taking root in the suburbs of "dirty" New Jersey, USA. It's a new kind of musical palette for these middle-aged Jersey teenage rock-and-rollers, and you can hear the innocence of their joyous explorations in every exciting beat. Strap on your dancing shoes and get ready to rock it into the stratosphere with the newest creation of Louisiana zydeco culture: the magnificent Zydeco Revelators! And what is the inspiration for these original songs? Sure, there's the influence of gumbo culture ("Miss Breaux Bridge"), the allure of New Orleans ("Palm Trees in New Orleans"), but there's also the joy of taking that musical seed to new places ("Let's Have Adventures", "Zydeco Around the World"). They pay homage to the primal lineage that came before them in their hypnotic "Zydeco Séance", and celebrate this mysterious dream called life in "Best Kinda Dreams".
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