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Vince Maccarone's Los Variants
Influences: Middle Eastern , African , Caribbean
Genres: jazz, reggae, afrofunk, middle eastern, afro, chacha, flamenco, indian,
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About: Band leader
Los Variantsis the brain child of Vince Maccarone; starting with the name, Vince's vision is based on having many elements of music connect without geographical borders or strict definitions of genres. The net result falls into the World Music category because of the influences of African, Latin and Caribbean with elements of blues and jazz also infused into the mix. The symbol created to represent Los Variants is meant to represent the building blocks of life and how the same patterns appear from molecule to universe. Musically, Los Variants represents the connection between all genres and the musicians who play them. The band travels through musical barriers, blending genres and electronic tools such as drum loops into a passionate mosaic of sound