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Tatosh Banda
Influences: East European
Genres: western ukrainian folk music
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Photo by: Tatosh Banda
About: Band
Photo by: Tatosh Banda
Photo by: Tatosh Banda
Photo by: Tatosh Banda
Tatosh Banda - a musical collective from Lviv/Ukraine. This folk band united musicians who, each of them in his creative experiments, strived to find the source of potential and inspirations. Finally these quests have led to mutual music creation, which bases on traditional Ukrainian music. Through focusing the attention mostly on the music of Western Ukraine, Tatosh Banda attracts to their repertoire Boiko's, Bukovyn's, Hucul's and Rusyn's musical traditions. Old historic and сhronicle songs, epic ballads, gutcul's love songs and inflammatory dances the main estetic foundation for Tatosh Banda. By composing on that base their own pieces they sucessfully combine modern estetic vision of ukrainian folk music with the responsibility in the face of tradition.