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Indian culture has spread all over the world. After leaving the subcontinent, Indian people have landed in the UK, Africa, the US, and some, like Subhash's family, have brought their culture to Mauritius and Reunion Island. A world-class, virtuoso percussionist, Subhash is one of the French's most innovative sound artists. He's consistently challenging albums and live performances around the world and has been central to the continued rise of Indian-influenced fusion music. "I was born into a musical family in Mauritius Island, where my father was a folk singer and my brothers were playing tabla as well. Indian music has always been in the house, and at the same time, I was lucky to be connected with different kinds of music such as jazz, African music, Western classical music, and folk music, which has had a great influence on my musical composition." "Since 1993, I have been playing a lot in Europe, especially in Sweden and the UK. Tablatronic Moksha Project is an Indian electronic fusion project reflecting my own journey, traveling from India to Europe." Subhash has pursued his own audio explorations. "When I performed for the first time in London at the Karamel Club, I felt satisfied musically but needed to express my inner feelings about peace & love. Moreover, I wanted to make a musical journey with musicians from different parts of the world because I have always been attracted by exploring and sharing." Tablatronic Moksha Project assembled some of the best musical talents from both the Indian Classical and the world musical scenes. The music is based on rhythms from Africa, jazz, electro house, Japanese, and Indian classical music. Subhash was trained in traditional Indian classical music, in which there are an infinite number of ragas and rhythmic cycles, but also where we learn to be flexible in improvisation. His apprenticeship took place in India, where he had the chance to become a disciple of one of the greatest masters of the Ajra Gharana style of tabla, Pandit Sudhir Kumar Saxena. "After studying the Indian raga system, I am using it along with Western harmony, giving a new flavor to the synthesis of Indian Music with the West." The combination of these musics brings out the various emotions of life. "I believe that the Tablatronic Moksha Project will be another trendsetter in the music field and will help people to know more about the fusion of tabla and electronic music." Live concerts to promote the project have been planned around the world. A dedicated fusionist with both an uncanny ear for melody and an innate talent for complex rhythms, Subhash Dhunoohchand always seems to be one step ahead of his electronic contemporaries. Tablatronic Moksha Project is considered to be one of the greatest modern explorations of tabla fusion in recent years. "Tabla has a storytelling and emotional aspect, explored in detail onstage, so I am hoping we will be able to get somewhere with this and a whole new chapter of Indian drumming will emerge. I perform with my tabla, electronic drums, and percussions, which takes the traditional sound of the tabla and places it in the modern setting of electronic music with additional elements of breakbeat, house, and even drum and bass shine." Tablatronic Moksha Project has many guest artists joining Subhash on the new album, including world-renowned flutist Pandit Rakesh Chaurasia, Mahesh Vinayakram, Sangeet Mishra, Bruno Chane Kane, etc. "The playful mood of Tablatronic Moksha Project attracts music lovers of all ages, and this is why I am taking this opportunity to deliver the message of Peace, Love & Non-Violence. I always give emotion to the audience during my concert and have some improvisation with them without any barriers, sharing for the soul." Today, Subhash is a genuine international artist, attracting critical acclaim in Europe, Latin America, and Asia while performing his high-energy live show. He is part of a remarkable infusion of World Electronic Music around the world.
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