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January 2024 #34 - Top 40 for Jewish Influence Sha Shtil (track)
December 2023 #14 - Top 40 for Jewish Influence Sha Shtil (track)
May 2023 #16 - Top 40 for Jewish Influence Sha Shtil (track)
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About: The San Diego Jewish Men's Choir
Ruth Weber received her Bachelor of Music degree from San Diego State University and her Master of Music degree from California State University Northridge.

She has performed internationally as a pianist/accompanist, as well as with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute, Opera Aguascalientes, The San Fernando Valley Men's Choir, and as a recording artist on the Music-Minus-One CDs put out by the Marantz Piano-Corder company.

Ruth's songs have won many prestigious competitions including the New York Pro/Am Songwriting Festival, The Music City Song Festival, The John Lennon Songwriting Competition, The Shalshelet Music Festival, The Global Music Awards, and The Akademia Music Awards, to name a few.

Ms. Weber is the director of the award-winning San Diego Jewish Men's Choir and is on the music faculty of Palomar and Miramar Community Colleges in San Diego, CA.
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