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Photo by: Romano Drom
About: Romano Drom
Photo by: Romano Drom
About: Romano Drom
Photo by: Romano Drom
About: Romano Drom
Photo by: Romano Drom
About: Romano Drom
Photo by: Romano Drom
About: Romano Drom
Photo by: Romano Drom
About: Romano Drom
Romano Drom is one of the most prominent representatives of contemporary Gypsy culture in Hungary. Since its foundation in 1999, the band has traveled the world from Canada to South Korea, from Norway via Portugal to Ukraine and Serbia. Romano Drom's unique musical world has brought them resounding success and made them one of the most sought-after world music bands with a Gypsy heritage.

Romano Drom, "Gypsy's road," plays in the original Vlach Gypsy language with modern scoring.

The band, while maintaining its roots and traditions, has always been capable of renewal and has played Vlach Gypsy tunes in a way that creates a contemporary music experience. The unique fusion music of the band – composed by Antal Kovács – mixes the hundreds of years old music culture with Catalan rumba, Arabic, and Balkan pop rhythms, besides such solutions in which the interesting harmony of drums and other instruments accompanies the traditional sound.

The band celebrated its 15th birthday in 2013, and on this occasion, after a long time, they had been working on a new disc with which the band has taken one more step closer to the objective stated fifteen years ago, namely that Vlach Gypsy tunes bear the same value as any other type of music in the world. The band's declared aim is to present this special music to those who may know nothing about Vlach Gypsy music, dance, or culture and they would like to get the audience to love it. To realize this aim, the music on the albums can be comprehended more easily, and the original Vlach Gypsy tunes are performed with arrangements familiar from other cultures. This is how the sometimes melancholic, emotional, or at other times very energetic and danceable music is created.

In the past 16 years, the band has had hundreds of concerts in Western Europe, in the USA, in the Far and Middle East, and has performed in many theaters, clubs, concert halls, and festivals around the world.

The band has published six albums with domestic and European distribution, including a remix album that is unique within the genre.

On their new album entitled "Colors" released in 2014, Romano Drom has enhanced its sound with further arrangements.

Brass instruments, utilized in the nowadays increasingly popular Eastern and Balkan music, have received a role in the new songs; moreover, besides the more dynamic drum and percussion section, electronic music has also appeared in the pieces.

The band is going on a tour in 2015 with the new album to acquaint the varied world of music stemming from authentic Vlach Gypsy tunes with as many people as possible.

Band members:

Antal Kovács - guitar, vocals

József Balogh - guitar, vocals

János Egri - contrabass

Máté Kovács - drums, cajon, can

Krisztián Kovács - percussion, cajon, can, dance
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