March 03/24/23, 2023
Sean O’Bryan Smith is an internationally acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, award winning film composer, record producer and world renowned solo recording artist. Sean has spent the bulk of his career as a professional recording/touring bassist working with over 100 major and independent label recording artists from across the globe including Kenny Rogers, Keith Urban, Vince Gill, George Clinton and Larry Carlton. He has been seen performing live with artists on ABC, CBS, Fox, CMT, GAC and his bass work continues to be heard worldwide on major terrestrial and streaming radio stations including SiriusXM.

Newest album:

Musings of an Occasional Somebody
Produced, composed and performed by Sean O’Bryan Smith
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Home By the Sea Studios, Boca Raton, FL by Sean O’Bryan Smith

Musings of an Occasional Somebody features a collection of Smith originals as well as collaborations with an all-star lineup of top artists including John Gregorius, Brannan Lane, John Fluker, World music legend Chinmaya Dunster, Dieter Spears and Keith Medley. The release is Smith’s eighth full length studio project. "I do all the drum programming with the exception of the opening track which is Mitch Ross. All basses and most of the keyboards are me with exception of the guests. Some of the guitars are me and I play Puerto Rican Cuatro on "The Fog" and "Isla del Paraiso," which is the mandolin sounding instrument." Recent accomplishments include two of his musical compositions being featured in the 2021 Emmy Award winning documentary film “Songbirds” from Beckett Arts Project. Sean is currently composing the complete score for their follow up film “Beautiful Faces.”

"I have an extremely diverse career in multiple areas of the industry. I have been a highly successful Nashville recording/touring bassist with some of the top country artists, a signed jazz bass player and an award winning film composer. I’m now a collection of all those things. The “occasional somebody” is a tongue in cheek nod to when I get notoriety in the industry and those times I don’t. In ‘17, I retired from the industry and moved to Boca Raton. That didn’t last long."

"I discovered John Gregorius’ work and was blown away by what he was doing. I knew I wanted to work with him and emailed him through his website. He was impressed with my background in the industry. We struck up a fast friendship and I immediately started recording basses for his album In Awe. This threw me right into the new age market. Since then, I’ve recorded with Tom Eaton, Chinmaya Dunster, ELEON, Matzumi, Keith Medley, John Fluker and have projects coming with Juan Sanchez and Michael Kollwitz. I feel like I’m finally home musically."

Dieter Spears did the cover art. Inhauscreative is his moniker online and he’s also a featured artist in the album. Search the IMDb and you will find that Dieter Spears is known for The Traveler - Bunny Cycler (2018), DeathHaus (2018) and Lwa: All Saints' Eve (2020). Spears is also a gifted image-smith, you can find some of his work on Getty images, find more links in the footnotes below.

The composer has a remarkable lifelong love of music for film and television. Musings of an Occasional Somebody is his New Age Music side, lots of guitars, bass of course, chimes and other extraordinary percussion and plenty of guest instrumentalists to be savored. What I hear is purely instrumental and presents a tremendous gift for interlocking perfect clockwork finger guitars.

“The Great Mystery”
Sean O’Bryan Smith - Electric Upright Bass
John Gregorius - Guitars and keyboard
Mitch Ross - Drums

What does "great mystery" mean? Perhaps some reality hidden in the past and revealed as the greatest mystery of life. Give it a little time, is it the power or the sacredness that resides in everything? Is it the role of the invisible in our daily lives? Some might believe that the invisible realm is far away. "The Great Mystery" (3:59) This makes me sway, caught in a strange dance as mysterious as the deep dark sea. I feel waves rolling beneath me and marvel at the union of precision, always turning as the dance progresses, adding on as we go, the future, at a perfect pace, step following step.

“The Fog”
Sean O’Bryan Smith - Electric Upright Bass, Drum programming, Keyboards, Puerto Rican Cuatro
John Gregorius - Guitars

The Cuatro is composed of several parts that work together to formulate the distinguishable sound of the instrument. Cuatro means four in Spanish; the instrument's 15th century predecessors were the Spanish vihuela and the Portuguese cavaquinho, the latter having four strings like the cuatro. The Puerto Rican Cuatro is shaped more like a viola than a guitar, with ten strings in five courses, tuned in fourths from low to high. The instrument is heard on "The Fog" (5:53) feat. John Gregorius. I love how the big drum leads the way at a steady basic pulse, I seek that shaman spirit sound and the drum touches the soul deep in there, each beat is strong. The mood is mysterious, with lush guitar runs and flourishes.

“Over Land and Sea”
Sean O’Bryan Smith - Electric Upright Bass, Drum programming, Keyboards, Electric Guitar
Keith Medley - Harp Guitar and Fretless Guitar
Chinmaya Dunster - Sarod and Acoustic Guitar

I think that the next track is a story of travel by air, "Over Land and Sea" (5:59) I think I hear an expansive melody and finger snap hand percussion, happy and upbeat, with synth flute and stringed instruments. One special instrument has a nice bend, the note shifts bringing me on a transition from mirage to island, finishing in shimmering chimes.

“Isla del Paraiso”
Sean O’Bryan Smith - Electric Upright Bass, Drum Programming, Keyboards, Puerto Rican Cuatro
John Gregorius - Acoustic Guitar
John Fluker - Piano

Now I feel the story of paradise island, "Isla del Paraiso" (4:51) feat. the Puerto Rican Cuatro. On the breeze, a piano guitar dialog, finger shivers and just a few electronics.

"From the East"
Sean O’Bryan Smith - Electric Upright Bass, Drum Programming, Keyboards
Chinmaya Dunster - Sarod
Brannan Lane - Electric Piano

"From the East" (4:31) Find a fancy instrument featured, I taste definite cherry blossom sweetness with some blues moments and long gong shivers.

“Around Every Turn”
Sean O’Bryan Smith - Synth Bass, Drum Programming, Keyboards, Electric Guitar
Brannan Lane - Synthesizers
John Gregorius - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Rick Krainak - Electric Guitar

"Around Every Turn" (3:51) feat. Brannan Lane, Rick Krainak & John Gregorius brings more electronics with the consistent musical finger guitar perfection, and that sweet light easy beat.

“New Day”
Sean O’Bryan Smith - 6 string Electric Bass, Electric Upright Bass, 8 string Bass, Electric Guitar, Loop programming, Keyboards
Dieter Spears - Keyboards, Loop programming, Drum Programming
Tommy Ogle - Saxophone
Rick Krainak - Electric Guitar

I think "New Day" (5:27) has a bit of a calypso groove, bringing for this track bigger electric guitars writing on the sky and a true sax magnifico, maybe the best part is the bass guitar jam.

"The Albatross and the Whale"
Sean O’Bryan Smith - 7 string Bass, Fretless Bass, Drum Programming, Keyboards
John Gregorius - Electric Guitar
Tommy Ogle - Saxophone

Someone said they are my brothers, what I hear is a tale told by guitars. The word albatross is sometimes used metaphorically to mean a psychological burden that feels like a curse, exiled from the skies and then weighed down by their giant wings. These inconstant animals can go for years without touching land. Albatross are expert gliders, 11-foot (3.4 meter) wingspan, holding their extended wings in place so that the air rushing around the wings generates lift, and they are known to sleep on the wing. The albatros you might imagine has a complicated mating dance. What do Whales mean in dreams? Imagine a whale breaking the ocean surface, sometimes having been submerged for more than 2 hours. Some whales can live for more than 200 years and some humpback whales sing, whistles, clicks, and chirps, complex songs in winter breeding areas. Whales that are found are respectfully addressed as “Lord.”

The ultimate track has the electronic number with horn sounds, "Chosen" (4:41) feat. Keith Medley, every note is exactly where it should be and I feel lucky to listen to this outstanding conspicuous final slide articulation. Perhaps we are seeking a new planet.

Sean O’Bryan Smith - 8 string bass, keyboards
Keith Medley - Fretless Guitar

"Our goal as composers is to transport the listener. Sometimes it’s somewhere we want them to go and other times it’s creating a canvas for them to create their own story."

Hear what might be in Abe's tent, relaxation is easy when the music is precise and perfect. Rather happily, Musings of an Occasional Somebody presents some musings on what we have gained from this cumulative work in the world of musicology. The elegance is consistent, you can hear NS Design basses, Rybski basses, Vintage guitars and basses, Shaw Audio, EMG Pickups, Babicz Full Contact Hardware and V-Picks. Who are we? Why are we here? What is our future? Are we alone? Ponder human nature and identity, and what the human future might look like, such a favorable combination of circumstances, time, and place. Perfect instrumentals for the movies of your mind.

The Great Mystery
The Fog
Over Land and Sea
Isla del Paraiso
From the East
Around Every Turn
New Day
The Albatross and the Whale

In 2007, Sean followed his own artist calling with his freshman solo album Tapestry. Featuring multiple talents including Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and Jerry Marotta, Tapestry received worldwide recognition and continues to be in regular rotation with radio stations in multiple countries. Similar success was found with Sean’s follow up album entitled “Reflection” featuring jazz greats Chuck Loeb, Randy Brecker and Gerald Albright. Sean has released multiple projects since with similar success. The albums to follow were the guitar oriented releases Departure and Solitude followed by the release of his collection of film works The Composer Vol 1.

Beginning in 2012, Sean began to pursue his lifelong love of music for film and television. This soon landed him working on projects for film makers across the US as well as Canada and India. His score for the Canadian film “Serpent’s Lullaby” was recognized at the Cannes Film Festival and he has received awards for his music in the faith based films “Providence”, “94 Feet” and “Saving Faith”.

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