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About: Overcrowed Duo
About: Live @ Taverna Bukowski
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Morning Session," a project by Pippi Dimonte and The Overcrowded Duo, stems from the need of its three members to transfer the emotional, unpredictable, and spontaneous language of improvisation that marks the Jazz-Funk trio from Bologna during its live shows, where a passionate nature and artistic creativity find their climax and their union, their place of belonging.

The foundation and artistic manifesto on which Morning Session is based is the determination to preserve the authenticity of music that rises from itself, without influences or artifices "in retrospect": the album was recorded in a single morning, in a creative transport focused on crystallizing a musical instant.

The mainstay of this work, its real protagonist, is the interaction of Pippi Dimonte's eclectic and intense electric bass and double bass, with Nicola Benetti's dynamic drums and Alessandro de Lorenzi's rhythmical guitar, which carefully blends tradition and originality in an ecstatic balance.

"Bass lines are now funky and enthralling, now lukewarm and gloomy; the guitar is sometimes hidden and whispered, sometimes explosive and sophisticated, while the drums conduct the whole in an intimate and playful way. Very striking are the two last tracks of the album: 'Wooood#1' - with frenzied drums and Marco Vecchio’s sax - and the closing track 'Wooood#2'." (Rockit)
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