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About "Bananology"
When you think of great bassists who comes to mind? For me players like Victor Wooten, Les Claypool and Flea have always been on the list. After listening to the album Morning Session by Pippi Dimonte & The Overcrowded Duo I'd have to say Pippi Dimonte has technical ability that could rival some of these guys. He slaps, picks and pretty much just manhandles his bass throughout the seven songs on the album. There were a couple of times I backed up the track to make sure what I heard was an actual bass. Even though the bass is the main attraction on the album it wouldn’t work without Nicola Benetti (drums) and Alessandro De Lorenzi (guitar). There are a number of impressive guitar solos as well as drum parts that will not go unnoticed if you take a listen.

If you are looking for a vocally charged album then look elsewhere. The album is void of any lyrics and isn't particularly poppy. It doesn't have many hooks but instead relies on technical mastery. The album is full “Oh shit” moments that if you play an instrument will most likely have you back at the drawing board. This may not be a very emotionally impactful album but is a treat if you enjoy hearing people who are better than you play to their potential.

The band starts off strong with “Mama's Walk.” It’s a funky song where initially the bass dances around scales while the guitar plays chords and drums hold down the foundation. It doesn't take too long for the guitarist to start soloing, which brings a barrage of notes from both of the string instruments. It’s pretty enjoyable but I couldn't get the picture of a dirty hippy dancing to this section out of my head while listening to it. Luckily, the band has some restraint as well. They slow it down as the guitarist introduces some flange into the mix while Dimonte taps his bass a bit lighter.

“Bananology” has some wicked timings and may be even more technically impressive than the first while “Coffee Break” is a soft atmospheric piece that revolves around solely the bass.

Morning Session is an enjoyable album that you have to be in the right mood for. It’s not a breakup record; it won't make you think about the past and I certainly hope it won't make you cry but if you want to enjoy proficient players do their thing then you will want to give this a spin.