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Pepe Cantó
Video / TV interview and summary concert \ Video / TV interview and summary concert in Auditorium La Pobla de Vallbona (2-April-2017) "La Pobla Televisió". Watch: more
VIDA, PRESS - A musician with all the Mediterranean inside. (Fernando Íñiguez, Tarataña, Radio 3 - An exciting project of inexhaustible personal search (Eduardo Guillot, Levante) - Optimistic virtuosity, with Mediterranean luminosity (César Campoy, Las Provincias) - Different, interesting and necessary latest album Pepe Cantó (C. Carlos Ripoll travel Carlos Carlos) - Rea... more
MIN AWARDS 2017, PREMIOS MIN 2017 This month my second album, "Vida", is a candidate for the "Premios MIN" (MIN Awards, Indendent Music) as "Mejor álbum de músicas del mundo y fusión" (Best World Music and Fusion Album), If you like you can vote, the voting is popular: Thanks to all . more
"Vida" In the TOP TEN FEBRUARY 2017 of "Les tutes del So" Blog and radio program by journalyst Albert Reguant. An honor for me.   more


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Multi-percussionist, composer and producer, Pepe Canto has developed his musical career for more than 30 years. Born in Valencia, he started singing and playing the guitar as a teenager, completely self-taught. In the early 80’s, and while studying some official (and private) musical courses, he felt himself dragged by african, north-african and afro-latin percussion styles. He started t... more
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