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Pepe Cantó
Influences: Mediterranean , Middle Eastern , North African
Genres: fusion, worldbeat, mediterranean, mediterranean cant-de-batre afrobeat batrebeat north-african, worldjazz, mediterranean jazz, jazz vals, vocalisse chancon
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De los instantes felices. Single 2021 In the words of Pepe Cantó himself: "After overcoming 2020 as the worst year of my life, where the arrival of the pandemic has only been a tiny sum to these unexpected and unwanted surprises, full of pain, uncertainty and fear, this single was born. Of the happy moments. Of these arcane and subtle moments, divided into milliseconds that flooding your whole body through the senses make you perceive, like a caress, complete happiness, without cracks".

Production: Pepe Cantó
All instruments: Pepe Cantó
Recording and editing: Joseph Corner
Mix: Pepe Cantó
Mastering: Pablo G. Schuller (Schuller Sound)
Cover design: Candela Cantó

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Video / TV interview and summary concert \ Video / TV interview and summary concert in Auditorium La Pobla de Vallbona (2-April-2017) "La Pobla Televisió". Watch: more
VIDA, PRESS - A musician with all the Mediterranean inside. (Fernando Íñiguez, Tarataña, Radio 3 - An exciting project of inexhaustible personal search (Eduardo Guillot, Levante) - Optimistic virtuosity, with Mediterranean luminosity (César Campoy, Las Provincias) - Different, interesting and necessary latest album Pepe Cantó (C. Carlos Ripoll travel Carlos Carlos) - Really poignant the second work of the Valencian musician Pepe Cantó (Miguel A. Espigares, Mestizaje, RCFM) - An author to discover (Albert Reguant, Les rutes del so, Radio Montjuic)   more
MIN AWARDS 2017, PREMIOS MIN 2017 This month my second album, "Vida", is a candidate for the "Premios MIN" (MIN Awards, Indendent Music) as "Mejor álbum de músicas del mundo y fusión" (Best World Music and Fusion Album), If you like you can vote, the voting is popular: Thanks to all . more
"Vida" In the TOP TEN FEBRUARY 2017 of "Les tutes del So" Blog and radio program by journalyst Albert Reguant. An honor for me.   more
Photo by: Pepe Cantó
About: Vida (Picap 2016)
Photo by: Pepe Cantó
About: Direct 2
Photo by: Pepe Cantó
About: De aquí para allá (Picap 2014)
Photo by: Pepe Cantó
About: Playing into fligth case
Photo by: Pepe Cantó
Multi-percussionist, composer and producer, Pepe Canto has developed his musical career for more than 35 years. Born in Valencia, he started singing and playing the guitar as a teenager, completely self-taught. In the early 80’s, and while studying some official (and private) musical courses, he felt himself dragged by african, north-african and afro-latin percussion styles. He started to collaborate as a percussionist in Salsa, Jazz, Brazilian and Folk bands. In the mid 80’s, already professional, he started to develop his own career along with all kind of artists and bands from very different styles, including: Pop, R&B, Rock, Funk, New Age, World Music, Singer-songwriter… Acquiring, while working on them, knowledge form each particular style.

Although he started many bands, he centered his career as a session musician and accompaniment to other artists, collaborating perfectly in studios and live performances with other renowned artists inside the country on many different styles. He also worked as a producer in many label projects.

Some of the artist with whom he has worked are:

In 2014 he decided to embark on his solo career. So he recorded his first Album “De aquí para allá” gathering good reviews from the Spanish and International press, managing, even, to get into the WMCE.

In November 2016 he released his second Album “Vida”.

With “Vida” Cantó wanted, or perhaps needed, to approach several traditional Valencia (Spain) music styles like “Cant de batre” or “Albaes” but also other territories close to his Andalusia ancestors and north Africa: Fandango, Karachi, Gnawa Jota and the appropriation of certain Celtic sounds in the Valencia way, or to use harmonies and rhythms closer to jazz and pop.

Between World Music, Jazz and a mix of musical genres, «Vida» keeps you down to earth with a horizon view.


De aquí para allá (Picap, 2014) Álbum

Vida (Picap, 2016) Álbum

212 fahrenheit degrees (Picap, 2018) Single, With Pau Viguer

No se qué hago aquí (Picap, 2019) Single, featuring Karolina Driemel

De los instantes felices (Picap, 2021) Single