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The Republic of Kalakuta, founded by Fela Kuti, has opened an embassy in Madrid. The embassy has been given the name Ogun Afrobeat, and one of the best young drummers from Nigeria has been sent to take the lead. The choice couldn't have been more accurate: Akin Onasanya is one of the worthiest heirs of these wild polyrhythms created by Tony Allen to propel the captivating music of Fela. Under its relentless pulse, the legacy of the "Black President" is kept alive and kicking, spirited and dancing, sweaty and jubilant.

But it's not only the spirit of Afrobeat that is resuscitated in this CD; brought back alive within its grooves are the frenetic dance sessions of the temple where Fela and his parishioners carried out their musical rites: the shrine. Ogun has overcome the challenge of capturing on a record the untamed energy they transmit live and that they are able to make sound with the power and heat that every good concert and good Afrobeat group should be able to achieve. Without a doubt, these Afro kings honor the great Yoruba God of iron that the group is named after, and they will whisk you away to the ecstasy of groove bliss, of funky sensual arrangements overflowing with guitars, keyboards, and the colossal impact of a fortified brass section capable of breaking down walls and knocking you to the ground. With unbelievable ease and a slick laid-back swag, Ogun Afrobeat has unleashed original tunes and versions of Fela Kuti's music that would make him twist and turn with pleasure.

The Independent State of Afrobeat has its seats in many parts of the world, but few embassies bring together like Ogun that intensity, that excitement, and that authenticity that the music of Fela Anikulapo Kuti emanated throughout all of his pores. Outside of Nigeria, Kalakuta has found one of its best ambassadors in this group of Afrobeat boys from the religion of Fela, which proves that his music continues to soothe us to this day.

Long live Fela Kuti! And may you never stop dancing to the rhythms of Ogun Afrobeat!

Javier Gallego – journalist & musician

Ogun Afrobeat are:

Akin Dimeji (batería y voz) // Luis Taberna (percusiones) // Izzy Shamam (teclados) // Carlos Leal (guitarra) // Frank Santiuste (trompeta) // Pablo Hernández (saxo alto) // Dani Niño (saxo barítono) // Guille González (bajo eléctrico)
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