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Mulele Matondo Afrika
United Kingdom
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January 2022 #38 - Top 40 for African Influence Mali La Paix (track)
December 2021 #33 - Top 40 for African Influence Mali La Paix (track)
December 2020 #21 - Top 40 for African Influence Mali La Paix (track)
Help to make the \'Mali La Paix\' video; Support peace and freedom of expression in Mali Compelled to contribute to the messages of peace for Mali, Mulele Matondo Afrika brought together an international group of London-based artists to record 'Mali La Paix'. Over the last seven days of January 2013, more than 20 musicians and singers generously gave their time and talent, contributing their own instrumentals and vocals in nearly t...
Kinshasa-born Mulele Matondo Afrika started music at an early age before he established himself in Zambia and Zimbabwe as a bassist, guitarist, and arranger with a flair for his homegrown Congolese style, still extremely popular there today. As Ponpon Matondo, he enjoyed success early in his career working with Chris Chali and Amayenge, Real Sounds of Africa, Lubumbashi Stars, and New Stars Musica V.S.L.V. (which he co-founded).

Mulele's solo debut, "Prophecy," marked a change of direction towards what he calls 'conscious music'. Affected by endless conflict back home, and inspired by outspoken artists before him, Mulele now writes music for the people - songs about real lives and problems, often criticizing world leaders in the process, and urging his fellow Africans to stand up and change the dire status quo.
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