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Influences: Scandinavian , East European
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Photo by: Luíra
Photo by: Luíra
Photo by: Luíra
Photo by: Luíra
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Norwegian- Dutch solo artist Luíra is a young classically trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and music producer from the north of Norway. The music of Luíra is an acquired taste: a unique blend of contemporary classical, experimental alternative rock and folk music.

Luíra created her very own style, an alternative, unique style of music with polyphonic voices and folk instruments. Coming from classical music, and travelling later on through the thrilling world of metal with her band Adeia, this is something completely different and exciting.

Her new songs have a classical foundation and she builds bridges between the classical and the alternative world. Ancient viking-, folk-, and classical instruments come together in an interesting way: from a Sami framedrum, violin drum, tagelharpe, mystical hardingfele to a jawharp and classical instruments such as violins and a viola. Finally, everything meets current music technology, which makes it a very enchanting journey!