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Photo by: Lightsweetcrude
About: lightsweetcrude at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival, Sept. 9th, 2012, Redpath Stage, Harbourfront.
This collection of music exists to celebrate the Raga – that most ancient, most perfect set of instructions and specifications with regard to musical mood, movement, and pitch... and to fuse it with Western sounds, forms, and vibes. [...] The word Raga comes from the Sanskrit word for color, rang, and we are often asked to imagine the Raga as being a sonic means to color the imagination or mood, or both. Every Raga has its own shade, its own distinct hue, a proper time of day to best evoke it, and a family or two to whom it can be said to 'relate'. Some are a serious call to action and devotion, and some ask you to relax, turn off your mind, and listen to the color." – from the liner notes of Listen To The Colour
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