Kreyol Roots
United States
Influences: Caribbean , African
Genres: instrumental jazzy haitian traditional roots, world, roots, haitian roots, haitian r and b, haitian smooth vocal jazz, voodoo rock, haitian voodoo rock, haitian r and b and rap, voodoo pop
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Photo by: Kreyol Roots
About: Kreyol Roots
Photo by: Kreyol Roots
Photo by: Kreyol Roots
Whatdo you get when you get a group of extremely talented Haitian musicians, transplant them to the Windy City Chicago, and get them all together in the same room? You get the most amazing sounds heard outside of the Caribbean! Kreyòl Roots is a sound experience that will leave you longing for more and leaves you searching for words to explain the rhythms to your friends.Sincecoming together, Kreyòl Roots has been entertaining large and small crowds with theirtantalizingmusic.

While most membersof the band are native Haitians, they often collaborate with musicians from all over the world. This adds to the uniqueness of their sound and gives the musicians constant motivation to try something new. It is not unusual for Kreyòl Roots to play one song that will have elements of African rhythms, Jazz, Haitian Roots, Rasin, Haitian Rara, and Kompa.