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United States
Influences: African
Genres: world, pop
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AboutKat Maguire-

My professional career began in 1984 as the lead vocalist for Big City, a popular World music band based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Big City drew praise from industry professionals and music critics, (most notably Joel Selvin from the SF Chronicle) This band was my introduction into the World music arena, sparking my interest in rhythms and languages, which I have had the opportunity to explore and develop.After deciding to leave the band in 1986 to refine my style, I moved deeper into the world of Polyrhythmic music. My ear for harmony, ability to sing in different languages and styles combined with a commanding stage presence has taken me to many countries touring, recording and composing for over 30 years with several artists from the US, Africa, the UK and the West Indies.Languages: Kriol, Portuguese, French

I am currrently working on recording my first CD of my original songs and have enjoyed a recent shift in my career to writing for International artists.

One of my songs written in Guinea Bissau Kriol "Mana" was recorded and released by Karyna Gomes, a wonderful artist from that country.