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Kan Beng
United Kingdom
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Photo by: Kan Beng
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Photo by: Kan Beng
Photo by: Kan Beng
Photo by: Kan Beng
Photo by: Kan Beng
Photo by: Kan Beng
Kan Beng was formed in London in 2017. The band's vision is to create a group blending traditional melodies and rhythms from various cultures with Western styles of music to create a unique and intoxicating concoction of traditional Mandinka folk, Berber folk, Jewish folk, funk rock, and jungle. Kan Beng's influences are eclectic and far-reaching, making for exciting, unpredictable music that mirrors the harmonious message at the band's core: that music is a universal language that can unite all cultures.

Kan Beng represents the confluence of musical cultures, one voice born from many traditions. The name 'Kan Beng' means 'One Voice' in Mandinka. The band lives up to their namesake by creating music that is at once both deeply spiritual and infectiously danceable. The band is working on an album to be released in 2018. New tracks being produced this year also include explorations into Jewish and Berber sounds.