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Photo by: Jatygu
About: Shuffle 99
Photo by: Jatygu
Photo by: Jatygu
Photo by: Jatygu
Born Jason Tyler Guest in 1973, Jatygu is a musician based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Jatygu is delighted that you are curious about him and his music. He has chosen not to write a lengthy bio about himself. Instead, please Google: jatygu. Also, these work on many networks: @jatygu #jatygu #jatygumusic. Email: jatygu@jatygu.com. If you really enjoy the music of Jatygu, please purchase one of his albums and tell your own network about this artist. Thank you for your support! The following album covers and single covers were created by Kevin Matthew Guest: Blue Iguana, A Game That I Can Win, Traditions, So Many Suns, Soul Searching, Jatyguitar, Government Street, Crossover, Pretty O.K., The Day Canada Died, Frisky, Heavenly Courage, Everyday Struggles, Yalla, I Love Me More, Scanning The Horizon, The Key of J, Music For Yoga, Shuffle 99... The following album covers and single covers were created by John Graydon Guest: Paris Alexi, Max the Musical Mutt. The album cover for Energy (and the 20-Year Anniversary Re-Release of that album) was created by Paul Bamra. Jatygu is very grateful for the talents of these artists!

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